Tom Ford Private Blend Amber Absolute Review

Oh Heart of Darkness, this is what I thought when I tried this.  It is much darker than Noir de Noir, which is uplifted by its floralcy.  Amber Absolute is the epitome of Catholic Mass fragrances.  I LOVE incense and I found this breathtaking. Darker even than CdG’s Avignon, which sparkles in comparison with Amber Absolute. Much drier than Etro’s Messe de Minuit.

As to amber itself, I’m not that fussed generally although I love Orientals. In this composition it is the one note that lightens the intensity of the Incense.  This one I’m keeping !!!

Any incense lovers out there really should try a sample of this magnificent gothic fragrance.

Again Mr Ford 10/10 !

PL&P !

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