Tom Ford Private Blend Noir de Noir

Absolutely incredible fragrance. On the first spritz I get Montale’s sparkling Oud Damascus. This is interesting as many people have written that they can smell no Oud wood in this. However I certainly can, possibly because I’m familiar with some of Montales Ouds ! From there we move into a much darker (Black Rose) and earthy (Black Truffle) stage.

This is a true powerhouse of a perfume, and the only one that I have  so far that I would not consider suitable for daytime wear ! Unless you’re reallly out to stun the board of Directors !

The drydown of Noir de Noir reminds me of Lancome’s amazing, blue tinged Mille et ue Roses (2000 et une Rose), which is one of the hardest and most expensive perfumes to find . Although it is at all times darker and earthier by nature than the Lancome.

However, Noir de Noir  never becomes cloying and the Oud note comes back for me in the drydown

This one is the closest in ‘feel’ to his favoured original Black Orchid, but with Rose replacing the  Orchid.

I would wear this if  I really wanted to make an impression at a party or such. This one is definitely for ‘occasional’ use. However, it may smell completely different on you, this is the most interesting facet of the entire Private Blend line.

The darkes of all dark Roses.


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