Tom Ford Private Blend Tobacco Vanille

Well, I AM going to review this properly, once I get over the shock of finding the perfume I’ve been searching for for years !

For it is true; I could’ve spent thousands in time and money finding a bespoke frgrance, but THIS is what I would’ve wanted it to smell like !

I have an abiding love for Price’s Heritage Oriental votives , on me TV smells exactly like  them – incredible………

Now, just a quickie:  Starts with a burst of spices, nutmeg/cinnamon and the most foody vanilla ever in the first few minutes. The an almost ’sneezy’ bitterness from the Tobacco notes. This finally settles on me with a fabulous sugar plum note………..which hangs beautifully in the air.

Once again, my hat is off to Mr Ford ! and yes, I know I’ve come to these late and many people don’t seem to like his fragrances, but for me they are all masterpieces. Don’t miss out on the chance to try these FAB creations.

Heaven in a bottle.

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