Tom Ford Private Blend TUSCAN LEATHER review

Well, I don’t like leather notes on the whole, but was seduced by this with the promise of ‘incense’ in the drydown. Let’s just say it was worth the 50min wait to get there ! Also I woke up this morning with just a hint of incense and raspberry on my wrist, despite the handcream I put on last night. What amazing staying power.

Now, raspberry* may seem like a strange combination with the blackest of black leather, but it works so beautifully. It’s slightly zingy for the first few seconds and then gently melts into the leather. And this leather  just reeks of quality and darkness, but at the same time seems warm and comforting. Just like your rebel boyfriend’s oldest leather jacket…………..For there is a slightly rebelious metalic note hidden in there somewhere; which gives it a hint of a jagged edge within the comfort.

So, this definitely has attractions for both M and F alike. Guys, if you were wearing this, I’d be back time after time for a good long sniff.  So it really does have a warm and powerful seductive quality, possibly dangerously so !   I have read somewhere that this is ‘boring’, however I certainly haven’t found it that way at all.

I may even wear this as I love the drydown, and remember I don’t like leather notes at all !

I have to say that I am very impressed with this and would give it 10/10…………surprising !

Ah yes, I also read that the Private Blend fragrances can be layered; I shall try a little Purple Patchouli with this tomorrow.

I suddenly realised that the *raspberry in this is reminiscent of Shiseido’s Rose Rouge, which I love.

Peace, Love & Perfume


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