Tom Ford Private Blend ‘Purple Patchouli’

Well I’ve been wearing this chameleonesque beasty since Friday afternoon and I’m still not sure what I think of it !

On application there is an immediate burst of citrus quickly followed by the distict aroma of violets. This changes within a few minutes to a very deep and slightly dissonant deep Noir leather note.  This doesn’t linger on me and changes softly over the course of the next few hours into a ylang/honey accord, which almost reminds me of ‘Shocking’. I get none of the Amber or Vetivert that are supposedly present !

However this is a very evasive scent and I think, as always that individual body chemistry brings out different notes.  The most amazing thing about it is the fact that I haven’t once picked up any kind of Patchouli note – most strange. Beautiful to wear, as it drifts and morphes in and out.

I was asking the sales assistant to describe it for me and he said that this was a far more ‘traditional’ interpretation of Patchouli  ! Sadly he was VERY wrong, and if you really want to smell the Patchouli, go for the regular White Patchouli. Or for real 70’s Patchouli then L’Artisan’s Patchouli Patch would be my recommendation.

Purple Patchouli is a very refined, intriguing and complex scent and I’m already planning my next Private Blend purchase !

Footnote: Having worn this for several days now I’ve noticed that it reminds me of Serge Lutens Bois Violette ! On me it’s VERY definitely soft, powdery and  VERY, VERY violetey !!!! If it hadn’t come direct from a reputable London department store I might have been tempted to believe that this was Violet Noir ! Perhaps when I buy that one I will get some Patchouli !!!!!

This is a MUST for any violet fan.

PL&P !

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