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Tom Ford White Patchouli review

Saturday, October 25th, 2008

Patchouli for the 21st Century

When I heard about the release of this fragrance I was intrigued and managed to capture a bottle early. I was very cautious at first as this has had many mixed review. 

On the first small spritz it was like the very best Champagne which exploded into a ‘fizzy’ white flower accord. I noticed straightaway that ‘creaosote’ note which always evades me, (in Kisu, Diorissimo and ADP’s Iris Nobile).  This settled down to a warm earthy patchouli which was very light and  eminently wearable for this Autum.

All in all, it wasn’t quite what I’d expected and had been hoping for more ………so, I went the whole hog – sprayed it on all over and have been totally in love ever since !

This is no hippy patchouli (L’Artisans Patchouli Patch), nor is it so creamy as Prada’s fabulous Eau de Parfum. Many blogs have mentioned a relationship between this and L’Artisans classic Voleur de Roses, a ‘wet’ floral patchouli.  However, it could be ‘Voleurs’ more summery sister…………………………….it sparkles and zings but keeps you well earthed with this fabulously updated Patchouli Fragrance.

This is very much a skin scent and will all depend , as ever on your chemistry. However it has good staying power and a noticeably pleasing sillage.

So, I know what I’m wearing for Autumn !

Well done Tom Ford 10/10 !

…………..and here’s the official line:  

 A scent that perfectly captures the myth of a generation, surrounded by sleek wood notes and white flowers, this clean, penetrating fragrance melds Bohemian influences with today’s structured sophistication.

 Opens energetically sparkling notes of bergamot blended with delicate white peony and spicy coriander accents make an instant play for attention.

The alluring and modern heart unfolds in sequence: rich rose absolute, carnal night blooming jasmine, and the stimulating ambrette seed.

Precious patchouli orpur infuses the finish with exotic depth. Its stimulating sensual pull is enriched by a medley of blonde woods and the soft eastern aroma of incense.

 I should  clarify here that  I used to smother myself liberally with Patchouly oil in the early 70’s. Since then I had changed my obsession to incense notes, mostly due to the overpowering nature of Patchouly !

I have an old boyfriend from my teens, (dead cool, long haired surfer dude !),who says that he can’t smell Patchouli without thinking of me – ah bless ! What a way to be remembered………….

Peace, Love and Perfume !

Jo Malone Sweet Lime & Cedar – First Impressions

Thursday, October 16th, 2008

My Sweet Lime & Cedar just arrived, I ripped open the package and had a quick spray.  Initially very citrusy with more than a hint of Wild Fig. Figgy notes usually make me heave ! However, here it smells clean and fresh. I also pick up a hint of coconut.

I have often wondered why Jo Malone choose ’summery’ colognes for an autumn release, and this one also has me puzzled. Although the Cedar adds depth; something that I find missing from most of her range. I love Vetyver, Blue Agava & Cacao & Verbenas de Provence.  Sadly I only have the BAC at the moment. I think that this would layer up very nicely with the three I’ve just mentioned and would also work beautifully with Wild Fig & Cassis.

I’ve been wearing this for 20 mins now and I find it to be vivacious, zesty with fab woody dry down. Altogether a very superior product.


PL&P !

Etat Libre d’Orange

Monday, October 6th, 2008

Well I’m so intrigued by the names of these fragrances, so I’m waiting for the following samples: Putain des Palaces (Hotel Slut !), Eloge du Traitre (What a traitor),Anti-Hero and Rien (Nothing !). Watch this space…………I shall review them as soon as I’ve received them. Not sure what I’ve let myself in for here.

PL&P !